Benefits of Interactive Dog Puzzles

Benefits of Interactive Dog Puzzles

Oftentimes, we think about enrichment activities as something to keep our dog occupied with. Even though there is definitely some entertainment for both you and your pup, we all know that our pups often find their ways into trouble. The best enrichment activities provides acceptable ways for dogs to engage in normal dog behaviour such as foraging, sniffing, playing, digging, chewing, ripping and chasing. Interactive dog puzzles and snuffle mats are great for stimulating your dog physically and mentally - it's also a great tool to deepen your bond with them!

Here are some of the benefits of interactive dog puzzles:

Reduce destructive behaviour at home 
- Torn furniture? Hells naw! Puzzles give your pup mental stimulation by challenging them to problem-solve their way to getting their treat and reward. This is crucial in keeping your pup mentally engaged, making them much more interested in learning and easier to train. 

Prevent indigestion, regurgitation and vomiting- Food puzzles are, in effect, fantastic interactive slow feeders. If your pup, is like anyone else's and scoffs down their food in the span of less than 1 TikTok video - you know how important it is to teach them how to take their time during meals. Dogs (much like all of us), can get pain and discomfort caused by indigestion. Eating really quickly can cause your dog to swallow more air, and this could cause them to vomit or regurgitate their food. 

Promote healthy weight - Food puzzles promote a healthy weight for your dog. The reality is, our favourite pups don't know what portion sizes mean. Food is their best friend (after you of course!), so it's important that as responsible pet-parents, you keep an eye on your pup's meal portions. Food puzzles can really help with making sure that your dog takes their time to eat their meals properly.

Keep your dog happy while you're away - The ultimate Boredom Busters! Interactive puzzles are often recommended by veterinarians and dog trainers to prevent boredom in your dog - particularly, before their boredom manifests into unwanted behaviours ranging from aggression, unwanted barking to low moods or energy. Our pups are born with lots of energy (and cuddliness), so their excess energy should be channelled towards fun and engaging things (only when you're away of course!). 

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