Efficiently manage your dog's boredom, anxiety & energy levels 

Dog enrichment puzzles, snuffle mats, treat dispensers and more!

  • Expend your dog's energy mentally and physically

  • Prevent indigestion, regurgitation and vomiting with puzzle toys and snuffle mats for slow feeding
  • The ultimate boredom busters for your pups!

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"I started putting my dog's entire dinner in it, the game changed. Having to use his brain to sniff out and work for his entire dinner finally drained him of his constant energy enough."
- MaxVerified Reviewer

Why you need interactive puzzle toys for your dogs

The key to a happy and healthy dog is regular enrichment

 Interactive puzzles are highly recommended by veterinarians and dog trainers to stimulate your dog mentally and physically.

Activities, like puzzle toys, that allows them to engage in innate behaviours such as sniffing, chasing, foraging and playing satisfies them mentally and physically. Dogs who don't receive the stimulation they need tends to find other ways to enrich themselves, resulting in destructive behaviour around the house.

Prevent indigestion, regurgitation and vomiting

Interactive puzzles are fantastic slow feeders. If your pup scoffs down their food in the span of less than 1 TikTok video - you know how important it is to teach them how to take their time during meals. Dogs (much like all of us), can get pain and discomfort caused by indigestion. Eating really quickly can cause your dog to swallow more air, and this could cause them to vomit or regurgitate their food. 

The Ultimate Interactive Boredom Busters

Prevent boredom in your dog before it manifests into unwanted behaviours ranging from destruction of furniture, unwanted barking to low moods. Puzzle toys are awesome brain games you could use to engage with your pup, and improve your bond with them! It also comes in handy on days when you can't spend a lot of time with them outdoors!

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Dogs are natural foragers and they are highly motivated to work for their food(some breeds more than others!)

Interactive puzzle feeders and snuffle mats are must have brain games for your pups to improve their general well-being, give them an outlet for their natural instincts and to expend their mental energy.

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How to use

To use a puzzle feeder, simply fill the feeder and let them figure out how to get them.

Use your dog's favourite treats or kibbles to make their meal times more enriching and rewarding.

Let them sniff and figure out how to get the treats out with their snouts or paws. The perfect way to expend their excess mental and physical energy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this suitable for dogs of all sizes?

Yes! From German Shepards, to Corgis, to Chihuahuas. It's for dogs of all sizes.

What size food or treats can I use?

It is suitable for most size kibbles (up to 1 cup kibbles). All dried treats can also be used (break them up in smaller pieces if required).

How long does shipping take?

All orders are typically processed between 2-3 business days (Monday - Friday). The order cut-off time will be 12:00 PM (GMT+10, Melbourne). Due to the current high demand, social distancing requirements, and supply chain disruptions in our current economy, please note that our distribution centre is currently taking slightly longer than usual to send orders. You can expect your parcel within 10 -14 business days (Monday - Friday) from when it leaves our warehouse.

What is your returns and refund policy?

We have a 30-day money back guarantee for all orders. You're 100% covered for any issues that might arise with your order. Simply contact our team at hello@theoutbark.com for a hassle-free return or refund process.

My dog tries to use brute force to get their treats out of the puzzle, including turning and tossing the puzzle around. What should I do?

Supervision is definitely required if your dog is prone to chewing up their toys, or uses brute force to get their treats out. The trick that works with many pups we know is to guide them as they try to unlock the puzzle initially - making sure they don't use brute force to get the treats out. If they start using brute force, take the puzzle away from them. Reinforce positive behaviours by praising them when they do the right thing, such as using their nose to push the puzzle pieces.

My dog is too smart for puzzle toys

If it only takes your dog a couple of minutes to work out their puzzle toy, it does not mean that your dog is too smart for them or that puzzles don't have any value. In our opinion, you might have to use them another way to engage with your dog.

Just like how you play tug with your dog, you may use puzzle toys as a tool to engage, interact and bond with your dog. Hide treats in different places of the puzzle each time and let your dog sniff it out over and over again. It makes for a fun bonding activity for both of you!