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"I should have ordered two! My two cats absolutely love it and fight over it!" - Cammie, USA

The All-In-One Cat Cave

The All-In-One Cat Cave

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Large: 60CM x 27CM | 23.6" x 11" (Would fit almost all standard sized adult cats & kittens)

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Does your cat love hiding in small, dark spaces? Do they feel safe & secure at home? Stressed out, anxious?

Satisfy your cat's instincts and need for hiding, chasing & playing all-in-one cat cave! Hiding is part of your cat's instinctive behaviour as they like the security of it but it can also be done out of stress or anxiety.

The tunnel-like design provides your cat with the perfect dark, quiet & comfy environment for their "private hideaway".

spacious tunnel for multiple cats, Purfect for Group Play

Large Sized Tunnel Fits All Adult Cats & Kittens

The spacious tunnel fits all standard sized adult cats and kittens! At 60CM/23.6" wide and 27CM / 11" high, the large size is the perfect balance between spacious and snug for their play and sleep.

Specifically designed for multiple uses - your cats can perch on top of the bed, chase or hide in the tunnel all at once. The more, the merrier!

The ultimate boredom buster

Encourage Interactive Peek, Play, Hide & Seek

Like all other pets, your cat requires sufficient mental and physical stimlation for an enriching life. The all-in-one cat cave provides them with an outlet to engage in their natural instincts to peek, play, hide & seek!

Felt insulated walls for more warmth and less noise

Better Sleep, Incredible Comfort

Your cats sleep 12 - 16 hours daily and they deserve the best snooze environment, one where they can feel safe, warm and cozy. We created the all-in-one cat cave with high quality synthetic felt which insulates heat and sound for your cat's maximum comfort.

Say goodbye to cat beds that don't get used! The most calming & versatile cat cave you can get for your cats

Comfort and security is the main highlight of The All-In-One Cat Cave - Designed with your cat's instinctual habits in mind, the compact cat cave satisfies their needs (peek, play, chase, sleep) without taking up much space in your home. We prioritise quality and we guarantee that The All-In-One Cat Cave will be loved by your cats for many years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I machine wash the all-in-one cat cave?

Due to the thick felt material, the all-in-one cat cave can only be spot cleaned with a damp cloth or cleaning wet wipes.

Will my cat fit in the tunnel?

Yes! It will fit most adult cats - Our large size has an internal diameter of 7.5" | 19.05CM" and a height of 11" | 27.95CM.

What is your returns & refund policy?

We have a 30-day money back guarantee for all orders. You're 100% covered for any issues that might arise with your order. Simply contact our team at for a hassle-free return or refund process.