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The OutBark

The Forager (Free Snuffle Ball - Limited time!)

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The Forager is a slow feeding mat designed to stimulate your dog's natural sniffing senses. Simply scatter and hide kibble or treats under the flaps of The Forager and let your pup work for their food just as nature intended. 

✅ Exercise their foraging and snuffling senses - The act of sniffling calms a dog down!
✅ Reduce anxiety & destructive behaviour at home 
✅ Slow feeding to prevent indigestion, regurgitation and vomiting
✅ Promote healthy weight with increased activity
✅ Keep your dog engaged whilst you work, do your chores, watch your favourite TV show.. 


Fleece Cloth


Width : 86 CM / 34 IN
Length: 50 CM / 19.5 IN

Care Instructions

You can wash The Forager in a washing machine. We recommend washing it in a gentle cycle with cold water to maintain the fleece material.

Reduce your dog's boredom & anxiety

✅ Snuffle mats are highly recommended by veterinarians and dog trainers to encourage your dog into foraging and sniffling. Snuffle mats tire your dogs out as much as physical play as they use up energy to focus on their sense of smell to sniff out their treats.

Eliminate destructive behavior at home

✅Expend their excess energy and keep their brain busy! Prevent boredom in your dog before it manifests into unwanted behaviours ranging from chewing furniture to unwanted barking.

Prevent indigestion, regurgitation and vomiting

✅ Snuffle mats are fantastic interactive slow feeders for your pup. Slow down their eating, and spice up their meal times with fun!

The Ultimate Interactive Boredom Busters

✅ Keep your dog occupied and entertained whilst you jump on your zoom call - Our pups are born with lots of energy (and cuddliness), so their excess energy must be channelled towards fun and engaging things.